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Eric and Kelli Risch

“The entire process from initial discussions to post-completion follow up was unlike any other experience we’ve had with a contractor. Justin was the most thorough contractor I’ve ever met. The amount of time he spent discussing the project before even signing an agreement was more than most other contractors would have spent on the entire project. Justin made multiple visits prior to beginning the project, providing us with photos of possible designs and adding his expertise to the design process and material selection. The project (porch) was exterior in nature; Justin’s thoroughness to the project included bringing a Shop Vac to the site daily to remove any sawdust from the yard. I believe Justin treats every project as if he were working on his own home.

“The quality of Justin’s work is exceptional. The pride Justin exudes in his craft is in very short supply these days. Justin used natural materials, explaining the benefits and downsides to each option.

“I cannot thank Justin enough for the work he did on our project. I am proud to have such an inviting and beautiful porch that welcomes others into our home. I have recommended Justin to others and still receive comments from my neighbors on the level of professionalism and craft Justin exhibited throughout the entire project. I look forward to working with Justin again.”

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